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Welcome to

Shalom Daycare

Shalom Hillside

Shalom Hillside is our larger center, the space is licensed for 40 infants and toddlers, as well as 24 multi-aged children. We have a wonderful outdoor play area where we spend most of our days playing in nature. We believe that children thrive in outdoor environments!

Shalom Downtown

Shalom Downtown is right in the center of the city with one of the largest outdoor patios for play. We are licensed for 10 infants and toddlers as well as 8 multi-aged children. We believe a small community environment is wonderful for building connections.

children painting with tea bags

Our Approach

We are a play-based center, where early childhood educators facilitate learning through play.
Although there is some structured learning time throughout the day, we believe that play provides the foundation for learning and understanding in all areas of development.

We respond to children’s play by giving them the freedom, support, and encouragement they need to pursue their interests and goals.
We strongly believe that all children need responsive, respectful, and reciprocal care in order to thrive.


Our Families

Our two daughters have attended both the Downtown and Hillside locations and I can say with confidence that all of Shalom's staff and Educators are wonderful, caring, and loving. We really appreciate Shalom's philosophy that every child is different and has their own unique needs, and that the owner Lena and the staff have worked cooperatively with our family to include our youngest daughter in their regular programing, as she is neuro-diverse and has special needs. Shalom's focus on outdoor, play-based learning is a vital part of early childhood development, and we feel confident knowing they are engaged in outdoor, social activities (balanced with some indoor structured activities), with a degree of independence, while also being well-cared for, with their needs attended to. We feel very fortunate that our family can participate in this great child care program.


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