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Diverse Opportunities

Shalom Hillside

Our larger center Shalom Hillside offers the perfect natural background for open-ended exploration. We provide an expansive play landscape with nature-based learning as a focus. We offer many opportunities for various activities based on the interests of the children and see child-led play as immensely vital in our approach to connection. Our center emphasizes the need for outdoor play, we spend a majority of our day focusing on the natural elements and how it helps your little one's imagination be outdoors. 

Shalom Downtown

Shalom Downtown was our first center that opened in 2011; over time, we’ve designed and adapted our enviornment to grow into a small and inviting community. Our enviornment focuses on the child's development through many diverse holistic activities. Providing a supportive environment that brings in natural focuses to the heart of downtown makes sure each child receives exactly what they need by giving them many opportunities to play and explore.

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