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Learning Through Play

Art Exploration

Providing children with opportunities to explore art freely gives them confidence and autonomy over their own work. We do our best to provide children with the materials and ability to explore various projects focusing on the importance of process over product.

Music & Movement

Every other week we have a music teacher join our various programs to teach our little ones musical literacy through songs, singing, and dancing. Music is a wonderful way for children to learn language and speech development.

Free Play

We strongly believe that children learn through play during these formative years of development. We provide ample time for children to create their own play scenarios while supporting vital skills such as conflict resolution and imaginative exploration.

Story Time

Each classroom has a dedicated daily Storytime filled with vivid storytelling, sharing and felt stories lead by classroom teachers. Storytime is always changing based on the interests of the children. Sharing stories and reading encourages language and literacy development. Having these moments opens children up to new ideas and learning that they can take into their own exploration.


Every week we have a yoga instructor join our classes to help children develop their cognitive and physical skills. Through these sessions, the children practice mindfulness, concentration, balance, flexibility, patience as well as many other wonderful abilities that support growth.

Outdoor Play

Nature and physical activities are at the forefront of our philosophy, we believe that nature provides the perfect background for children to explore and learn. We do our best to have as much time outdoors as possible emphasizing children's ability to learn through play.

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