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Playing with Nature


We are a play-based Centre, where the early childhood educators facilitate learning through play.
Although there is some structured learning time throughout the day, we believe that play provides the foundation for learning and understanding in all areas of development.
We respond to children’s play by giving them the freedom, support, and encouragement they need to pursue their interests and goals.
We strongly believe that all children need responsive, respectful and reciprocal care in order to thrive.
Children are completely capable individuals with all the equipment they need within themselves to be able to learn and succeed in their own and unique ways and at their individual pace.
We recognize that no two children are alike, therefore each child is viewed and respected as individuals in his/her process of learning. We approach each child’s needs and exploration with respect, understanding, patience, and enthusiasm.


We provide a stimulating environment that is safe, positive, inclusive, and anti-bias. This supports growing and learning in all areas of development (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive) as a process full of practice, repetition, discovery, and success.
Children are treated as active participants in all learning situations and are given the time and space to discover their abilities on their own. We provide learning environments with nature-based influences as we believe the outdoors can offer immense learning for children and help foster more holistic development. Even in our more urban areas, we bring nature in as it deeply benefits imaginative exploration and growth.

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