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The Preschool program is built on Shalom Philosophy following play-based style education and care.
We focus on outdoor play and using mother nature as one of our main tools in learning. We like to take learning outside and change our environment. Our larger center Shalom Hillside offers the perfect natural background for open-ended exploration. We provide an expansive play landscape with nature-based learning as a focus. We spend as much time outdoors as possible, rain or shine. The children thrive in our rustic playground landscape which is perfect for learning about the environment around us.

Preschool creates a program to meet the needs of every child, by having activities set up in a way that learning is possible no matter which way it is explored.
We have incorporated cooking and baking into our program. Starting with the Jewish Challah bread which the educators and the children have mastered making. We have also started to cook noodles, pancakes and will be incorporating foods from all cultures.


Power In Numbers 

1 Classroom

24 Children

3 Teachers

Our Learning Environment


Preschool Program 

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