Amanda L & Ami B

We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful teacher for our son. Lena is truly part of our family. We all look forward to seeing her smiling face in the morning. Our child is obviously flourishing in her care, and we know that he is always safe when he is with her.

She pays close attention to each child, and closely monitors their behavior and interactions. She is always professional towards both the children and their parents. She has a wealth of experience working with young children, and it is obvious that she loves what she does.

The daycare space is a private, clean, kid friendly enriched learning environment, with a large outside patio space where the children spend a great deal of time in the fresh air.

Though we are not members of the Jewish community, we have always felt welcomed and we are proud that our son is learning about Jewish culture and food. Our favourite day of the week is Friday, when our son proudly presents us with the hallah that he helped make.

Lyndsey Boulton

I do not write testimonials. In fact, this is the first one I’ve ever written. Because, quite frankly, nobody can meet my standards, especially when it comes to my children. Lena is my exception. She is an outstanding childcare provider and works very hard at making her daycare the very best it can be. She sincerely loves children and is so good at giving them all the love and attention they deserve. I know this because every day I visit my daughter at lunch and experience firsthand the interactions and atmosphere that is felt. She is excellent in communicating with the children, always being positive, gentle, and getting down to their level. The children love her and it’s clear why.

She is great at making each child feel special. For example, since my daughter is one of the few girls there, Lena ensures she gets in her ‘girl time’ by braiding and creating my daughter’s hair into amazing hairstyles. I can’t wait to see my daughter at lunch to see what kind of style her hair will be that day! And when I arrive, my daughter beams with pride and excitement when I comment on her hair!

The facility itself is equally outstanding. It is always clean, organized, and there is no shortage of toys and games. The outdoor area is fantastic – very large and has many play structures. It’s like going to the park every day!

She provides a variety of nutritious, beautiful snacks for the children every day, and lists them on her board so you know what your child has eaten that day.

The very best part of her daycare is that it’s not a daycare at all – it’s a high-quality preschool! Since my daughter is close to entering kindergarten, I am very happy that Lena teaches the children days of the week, seasons, etc. by making it fun, light and age appropriate. She even brought in caterpillars and the children got to experience them turn into butterflies and hold them in their hands and release them outside!

I also love that twice a week, Lena brings in a music teacher and storytime lady to offer the children different flavours of fun, entertainment, and interactions. It is clear Lena works very hard, and takes much pride in her daycare. This testimonial is the very least I could do to thank her for the high quality care and love my daughter receives every day.  

Shari & Aitan

We simply could not have found more wonderful care for our son than at Shalom Daycare. Lena is everything that one would hope for in a daycare owner and care provider. She is warm, caring, intelligent, creative, thoughtful, energetic and fun-loving.

Lena creates a healthy balance between structured and unstructured playtime for the children. Whether it is art, science, music, or storytime, there are always new and stimulating activities for the children to engage in. Snacks are nutritious, delicious, and lovingly prepared.

Most importantly, our son adores Lena and loves spending time at “The Castle” (the name that he has given to Shalom Daycare). He even asks to go to the castle on the weekends! It really is his ‘home away from home’ and we feel relaxed and at ease knowing that he is receiving the best care possible.

We can’t thank Lena enough for the incredible care that she provides!


Dru Rogers

It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial for the Shalom Daycare. The twins started this Fall and are so enjoying the experience – every day they go to daycare happy and anticipating great fun, and at night-time leave with reluctance.

The wonderful learning has been an unexpected benefit I didn’t think would exist in a day care for this age of little ones; every morning the first activity is laid out on the table with such relaxed organization. The boys love the themes of science and exploration of the natural world; the wide variety of independent play (painting easel, blocks & building tools, kitchen, dollhouse, car toys etc are so exciting for the children, such a variety.

The art work and displays on the walls are so much fun to look at, and when you send the parcels of their artwork home at the end of the month, we make a celebration out of opening it and looking at the contents together. The photos on the walls, of the little ones at play is also lovely for a parent to look at. It is a “window” onto their day. The outdoor play area is gorgeous – all the wonderful big toys for the children to play on and with, with the matting to run on – and so safe and private with the high fencing. I feel as though my little ones are tucked away beautifully, getting the best of everything and yet so downtown-central to me on the way home.

The snack times are healthful, and the entire regime of their day is one of peaceful order and individual support of each child’s uniqueness. I also appreciate that you work with the parents, in teaching gentle respect of others and expressions of politeness to one another, when communicating over a toy. The joyful celebration of all accomplishments is very uplifting to the boys – that supportive attitude can only benefit a child’s already naturally positive, confident little nature.

In short – we love Shalom Daycare so much Lena, you make it a wonderful place for children to be – and as a parent I feel I’ve done the very best for my two boys in finding them such a great daycare. I could never say enough about the potentials for learning there, or appreciation expressed for your very kind and intelligent self, in running such a marvellous daycare. We are just blessed to have been led to Shalom Daycare.

Anne and Paul Warrington

City, State

Our daughter has been at Shalom Daycare since it opened and we are so grateful that we found it. She is always happy to go to play with her friends and feels as comfortable at daycare as she does at home. This has become her second family.
We love all the activities that the kids do and the many opportunities that they have for learning while having fun. The staff have always be caring, gentle, and respectful and it is obvious that they love the kids and what they are doing. We couldn’t ask for a better daycare experience for our daughter.



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